Charged on an hourly basis

I call this the immoderate pain relief method

You have an immideate problem or pain area that needs a resolution akin to haing a headache. You take an dipirin to tackle the headache for instant relief right? So call me if you are here now

A 3 month package which includes

1. Understand where you are now

2. A structured process which delivers results

3. An hour of coaching in person or online every week at a mutually acceptable time
16 month package
1. Having understood where you are you overcome the pain and the hold back mechanism which was acting like a hand brake to your success. The pain is turned inside out and you see, hear and feel what success is.
2. An hour of coaching in person or online (skype/phone) every week at a mutually acceptable time
3. It’s a structured success coaching method which is bound to deliver results

What are you waiting for?

Figure out your values and align your life to them. Happiness is not a destination. It’s a journey
Can you see air? Yet it is a vital force for you to be alive right? Similarly you might not be able to see your potential yet your vitality lies in knowing that you have immense potential. Are you using it? If you don’t you will die inside
Leaning into changes and uncertainty is the only way to live a fulfilling life. Love the change and change will be your catalyst for success
Have you enjoyed a good sea-saw ride as a kid or even now when the kid in you comes alive? The fun is at the extreme ends right? Then why do you need balance? Balance is the fine point you need to come to, to gather your self, to allow life to flow through you, where your energy is so focused and poised that there is complete abandonment and peace at the same time


If truth be told – there is only one step you need to take to be successful and happy. The step is to be fully present in the NoW. If you learn the art of taking this one step then the rest of the steps will be a journey of happiness


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