On Demand Webinar - Harry Alexander

Presentation Mastery Series

The 3 steps of the Secret Formula to make stand out presentations

By the end of this course, participants will be able to independently create and deliver engaging, clear, and impactful presentations from scratch that effectively inspire their teams and impress their supervisors

20 Mins


Who is this workshop for?

Corporate Executives and Managers

Professionals in leadership roles who need to deliver impactful presentations to inspire their teams and impress higher-ups.

Sales and Marketing Professionals

Individuals working in sales and marketing who regularly present pitches, proposals, or product information to clients, stakeholders, and team members.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

business owners and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their presentation skills for investor meetings, client pitches, and business development.

Educators and Trainers

Teachers, professors, and trainers who want to improve their ability to engage and educate their students or participants effectively.'

Consultants and Coaches

Professionals offering consulting or coaching services who need to deliver compelling presentations to attract clients and convey their expertise.

Public Speakers

Individuals involved in public speaking engagements, such as motivational speakers, or workshop facilitators, looking to refine their presentation techniques.

Human Resources Professionals

HR professionals who regularly conduct training sessions, orientations, or need to communicate effectively within the organization.

Project Managers

Project managers who need to communicate project updates, milestones, and strategies effectively to both team members and stakeholders.

On Demand Webinar

The Complete Blue Print

Why presentations Fail?

The Blue Print for Presentation Master

The most Engaging Presentations are

What Will Be Learn in Webinar?

Learn to create impactful presentations- Secret 1- Emotions

Learn how to create impactful presentations with wow factor using our microlearning modules that are practical and tactical.

Learn the skill used by Ted Speakers

The 3 Secrets you will learn today are curated after watching the best speakers and hours of Experience

Grow your confidence in presenting- Secret 3- Be You

When you understand the power of emotions and how to tell Stories you become confident and create engaging presentations .

About Harry

Hello there! My name is Harry Alexander.

INDIAN NAVY: For over 20 years, I’ve been in jobs where I’ve had to take charge, make presentations and make big decisions. Some of these jobs were in the Indian Navy, where I helped in planning and carrying out really mega projects Like Project Seabird In Karwar.

STUDY:- I’ve also studied at really good institutes like NMIMS, Mumbai, ISB, Hyderabad, Karnataka University & from the Indian Navy. My all-time favourite being St Pauls High School. & From the Indian Navy.

I also have a special certificate called PMP, which means I’m really good at managing projects. In this the key requirement is to make effective presentations to various stakeholders like teams, bosses, clients, government agencies

WORK:-I worked in big companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, India, handling big projects (imagine big huge Ships and machines that work under the sea) I worked extensively with Multicultural teams which meant making presentations simple and useable to convey big ideas that can be used to execute tasks.

I’ve made courses with names like “9 steps presentations Blueprint” and “Time Mastery”, Productivity secrets that works

These are short, practical and useable online courses to help people tackle real-life problems and do their jobs better.

MY DREAM:- my big dream is to help at least 10,000 people get better at what they do (their presentations). I believe in the power of our brains, staying disciplined (like sticking to our plans), and working in a smart way.

I hope that, with my guidance you can achieve great things in your life

Make Stand Out Presentations

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Clear actionable Worksheets, checklists & workbook of the the key points

One hour of one on one In person /online coaching from me on presentations once you have created your first draft presentation for one Hour

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