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What I do

I am Harry Alexander, Your Life Transition Coach.
These are uncertain times. You may be in the midst of significant life transitions, forced or by choice. Won’t it be great if someone could help you navigate this phase of change, and get you to the other side successfully? As Your Life Transition Coach, I am committed to assist you develop and execute successful transitions, be it in career, health or any of the 7 significant areas of your life. I employ a simple yet effective 3 step method:

Pay Attention to where you are
See what you want to be
Make a TEMPLE run for it!!!

How I do it

Step 1

Start Point : ATTENTION
Take a Deep Look at Your Life
Ask : Where am I Really ?

Step 2

End Point : BEING
Where you would like to be in Life
See it clearly in your mind

Step 3

The Process : Make a TEMPLE run for it!!!
Use the TEMPLE run process to
Navigate from Start to End Points


So there you have it. You can make it happen
Pay Attention to where you are, what you want to be and make a TEMPLE run for it!!!

Why Me?

    • 20 years of Multiple transitions have given me cool and valuable insights into what works and doesn’t during change and transition in life
    • Memorable transitions – from being the last 10 ranks in grade 4 to becoming a top 10 rank holder in school
    • Cracked the SSB interview on the first attempt to join the Indian Navy. Completed the grueling Navy training including a peek into Commando School
    • After the Indian Navy I have been into Sales and then into Project Management at the Global Level
    • Later on, I battled addiction and came out of it successfully using the same principles that I now share with you
    • Wrote and published books, became a youpreneuer, successful sales consultant and coach
    • A Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
    • An ICF approved CCA Certified Life Coach – from the International Coaching Federation that excels in providing practical coaching education and framework for success.
    • A Daily Practioner of the Vipassan meditation technique and with over 1000 hours of meditation
    • A Passionate Triathlon and Marathon athelete having participated in several International events


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